Governance reform.

As of now, only one person can access the panel to submit proposals to the VITCDAO. That is a problem.
The solution is probably more complex than you would assume, allowing anyone and everyone to submit proposals to the DAO is both the most decentralized and most equitable, but is that the best?
I would like to make the argument for a different system; "The VITC House of Representatives".
VitaminCoin, before anything, is a community, it's a community that happens to loosely fit the definition of a "DAO".
By allowing anyone to submit proposals immediately to a governance vote, it allows people to bypass discussion and criticism before bringing something to vote.
An important part of governance is pre-vote revisions.
I propose the "VITC House of Representatives", an elected council of community members who encourage discussion around governance and VitaminCoin in general.
Say for example a community member (Mr. A) wants to propose something to the DAO, he will first make a post with a draft of the proposal in the forum (now the Discord channel), after some discussion and feedback, Mr. A will message any one of the VITCHouse Reps. and ask them to bring his proposal to vote. The Rep. will evaluate the community participation and if reasonable engagement occurred. If the community was sufficiently involved, he will submit the proposal to governance vote.

The VITCHouse's job is not to police opinions, policies or proposals.

The VITCHouse's job is to (1) ensure sufficient discussion and (2) to filter out obvious spam.

This proposal will require many revisions and a LOT of discussion, please read this carefully and understand the implications.


  • The VITCHouse will be an elected council of X community members.
  • The VITCHouse will be elected every X Vite Snapshot Blocks.
  • The VITCHouse will be elected by VITC holders via DAO governance. 1 VITC = 1 Vote.
  • Running for the VITCHouse is voluntary.
  • Reps. are paid X VITC monthly.

Things we need to discuss:

  • How many Reps. should the VITCHouse contain?
  • How often should there be elections?
  • Should the VITCSenate have rights to submit proposals to vote too?
  • Should there be a way to bypass the VITCHouse and submit a proposal directly? (potentially a large VITC burn to submit)
  • What salary should the VITCHouse be paid?
  • Should a Sen. be able to run and be elected as a Rep. too?


The proposed system is not nearly as decentralized as more a traditional DAO governance system.