The RR/BAYC Controversy

Exploring the RR/BAYC controversy brewed up by Ryder Ripps
We all know what the Bored Ape Yacht Club is -- the most successful NFT collection ever created.
Recently, a self-proclaimed artist that goes by "Ryder Ripps" launched an NFT collection the he calls the "Ryder Ripps Bored Ape Yacht Club" or "RR/BAYC" -- Ryder Ripps was trying to make two points with launching this collection, let's break them down.
Point #1: "You can't copy an NFT" Ryder Ripps makes the point, that even if he "copies" the art and the image of the Bored Ape, that the original BAYC NFTs are immutable and cannot be copied. Anyone that believes in NFTs should agree -- except for the fact that Yuga Labs clearly granted "intellectual property" rights to holders, giving the holders a claim to the images attached to their non-fungible token. (Source: BAYC Terms)
Ryder Ripps's first point is mostly subjective, as art and IP on the blockchain are hard to determine and quantify, but as someone who hopes NFTs can be used in the future for ownership of ideas or properties, it seems as though Ryder is undermining the whole idea but them while LARPing as though he is proving his point.
Point #1: "The Bored Ape Yacht Club founders are Nazis and horrible people" Ryder Ripps published an article on the webiste (Gordon Goner being one of the founders of BAYC) a few months ago, showing off alleged Nazi dogwhistles and proof that the BAYC founders are, in fact Nazis.
One of Ryder's most convincing points on is the similarities to the Nazi "Totenkopf" emblem.
The BAYC founder rebutted all of RR's arguments in an article posted on their medium pages named "A letter From the Founders"
The article begins by explaining how Yuga Labs is a diverse company, and stating that they have been vetted by ADL.
This debate and point is even more nuanced, and I will let you make up your own mind, but the fact the RR has profited so heavily from this ordeal makes it seem even more suspicious to me.
Stay safe out there voyagers!