The Economic Model of VIVA

VIVA holders earn rewards from sources built by the VivaFi core team, I will break them down in this article.
VIVA describes itself as a utility and governance token of the VivaFi platform: "as a utility token, $VIVA can be staked for other Vite-native assets. As a governance token (not live yet), $VIVA can be used to create proposals and vote on proposals in the future."
The VivaFi platform earns revenue from two sources, the SBP and a fee from the "no-loss lottery" application.
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    VivaFi SBP: Most, if not all of the time, you will be able to find a VITE -> VIVA staking pool on the VivaFi Dapp, this pool is used to generate votes for the VivaFi SBP, which in-turn generates yield for the VivaFi platform
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    ViteTogether: "ViteTogether uses crowd-sourcing to create community-powered savings pools. The prizes come from the “interest” earned on the deposits. These "no-loss" community-powered savings pools encourage saving and create a fun community at the same time." 5% of all SBP yield generated by ViteTogether is allocated to the Viva Staking Pools platform.